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QuickPermit software for student work permit management
QuickPermit+ Youth Workplace Safety

QuickPermit+ is the leading software used in California public schools for the issuance and management of student work permits. Its logical interface is easy to use and loaded with powerful features that can save countless administrative hours. With a single mouse-click QuickPermit+ can import every student attending your school, attendance records, GPA and parent/guardian information. And when it's time to create the work permit, with the click of a button QuickPermit+ will automatically...
  • Verify the student's eligibility based upon your district's qualification standards for GPA and attendance
  • Validate work permit data for completeness
  • Assign hours and spread of hours that the student may work
  • Place ineligible students on (work permit) probation
  • Print probation notification letters to parents and/or employer
  • Print and save the work permit to a permanent record
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